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Latest Extraordinary Worship: Heart’s Desire – Chris Okolo

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Latest Extraordinary Worship: Heart’s Desire – Chris Okolo

Anointed Gospel Music Minister “Chris Okolo” Releases yet Another Extraordinary Worship titled “Heart’s Desire”, a Song birthed from a Sincere Heart Craving for Deeper Intimacy Fellowship with our Abba Father.

The Supernatural Worship “Heart’s Desire”, unveils unto Nations that “Nothing Else Matters than to have Daily Communion with Monarch of Universe (My Heart Desire)”.

“Indeed, this is an Extraordinary Worship birthed from Intimate Fellowship with Holy Ghost, as Minister Chris Okolo Communes with Father, He pours out these Sweet Smelling Incenses unto Him…. Indeed, when we Attune to this Sound of Heavens, we will be transited into His Deeper Glories.. Ipere Evanx”.

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