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Latest Supernatural Worship: Nothing Else Matters – Raphael Gado

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Latest Supernatural Worship: Nothing Else Matters – Raphael Gado

Anointed Gospel Music Minister Raphael Gado Releases His Debut Worship Single titled “Nothing Else Matters”, an Offshoot to His Upcoming Debut Album titled “Nothing Else Matters”.

The Extraordinary Worship “Nothing Else Matters”, Unveils unto World Insatiable Quest for Daily Communion Fellowship with Holy Ghost. Nothing Else truly Matters than indwelling Presence of Holy Ghost.

“This is a Supernatural Incense of Worship birthed from Throne Room of Fellowship with Holy Spirit… The Holy Ghost Inspired unto Minister Raphael Gado this Supernatural Worship to Rekindle upon Church His Ever Loving Quest to Commune Fellowship with Him Always… Ipere Evanx”.

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Nothing Else Matters Lyrics
By Raphael Gado
(Subtitled: Ipere Evanx)

Like A Stream In The Desert
Let Your Glory Drown Me
Please Anchor My Flesh With Your Presence
Flood My Soul With Your Spirit

Nothing Else Matters To Me
Than Your Presence Than Your Presence
And Nothing Else Can Satisfy My Hunger
Than Your Spirit
Than Your Spirit

Verse Two
As The Dear Pant After The Waters
So My Soul Pants After You
As A Hunter Hunt’s For His Prey
So My Heart Thirst After You

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