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Welcome to My Talent Africa Community

Officials of All African Talent Award, with more than 800 Young Africans are enhanced promoted internationally to take action against poverty.

We Are “

AWARE of failure of youth to attain formal education because of problems related to family backgrounds, social justice, gender equality, poor education system for African children. Such youth are ones commonly described as unprivileged and/or Other Vulnerable Youths (OVY).

Having realized that OVY face problems peculiar to them. Whereas many OVY service providers have done a lot in terms of advocacy, coordination resource mobilization for OVY at International level, less concentration help has been trickled down to OVY jobs their talents;

Realizing that poverty, illiteracy, incantation, unemployment, un-empowerment, several socio-economic issues hinder their efforts.

Noting that, there is no indigenous substantive, rebranding, promoting operational organization for those suffering Talented Youth in several countries of Africa.

We are hosting a continent inspired Africa competitive talent show where we will feature best brightest from our continent. We will have various segments for Young adults all ages in between 13 35 years. Our Millennial segment will allow us to feature those young adults who are technologically gifted passionate in different talents.

Convinced that, we can better address plight of such youth through empowering them who have got little or no chance of formal education but with talents with an organization to know one another in field of development hopefully work together wherever possible, creating a platform of opportunities. We wants to help young talented people in Africa be change by encouraging supporting them to become activists for promotion of sustainable development, social justice, gender equality, education  through AATA  Inter-country annual Talent competition, a joint effort with other organized group.